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January 18, 2011

Hard Drive Crash

Last night I was on my computer – rendering files, on the internet, and loading up software. It was acting funny and then froze. I re-booted and it was booting slow. BTW, it’s a Mac Pro. Blue screen pops up and it’s been on for a while. I re-boot…which could have been a mistake. Next thing I know, it is cycling on and off. Not good. I tinker with it and still nothing. I have 4 drives with 3 different OS on it. I try to boot into a different drive. No bueno. I am starting to get a little worried.

I pull the computer out of my cabinet and take out all the drives. I did boot into a different drive. I’m breathing a little sigh of relief. I find out my main OS drive running snow leopard is the culprit. No problem, I will just fix the drive using disk utility. Doesn’t work! I try a 3rd party utility. Still doesn’t work. I have my last 4 videos that I have done on that drive. UGH!
Luckily, I do manage to get all my important data off the drive.

I can’t stress the importance of backing up your data. On my music computer, I have a raid set-up where all my clients songs go to 2 separate drives. In addition, I strongly urge them to back up their work. On my video computer, I usually back everything up to 2 drives. Most of my photography and finished videos are on 2 different drives. Of course, over the holidays, I have been lazy about it. Lesson learned. I dodged a bullet this time.

I am now re-installing Snow Leopard. I am bored waiting for the updates to load. I have another 30 minutes of waiting. I must say, one minor bonus is that all my software is going to be up to date. I have a larger drive for my OS. It’s a pain, and the timing was terrible, but I do like a fresh system.