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July 6, 2011

The New Adventures of FCPX

I have been looking forward to updating FCP for months. I love FCP but wished it was 64bit, used all the processors of my 8 core Mac Pro, and did not have to conform my files. That is all I want. My wish list was fulfilled, but I am very disappointed.

FCPX is a huge let down for me. No multi-camera, 3rd party plugins, external hardware, easy way of saving, no more Color, or exporting into other programs. There is just too many work a rounds from what I am used to.  FCPX just seems very foreign to me and I do not want to take the time to learn a prosumer app.

I have decided to make the switch to Adobe CS5.5. Premier Pro is very similar to FCP. I have started working on a project and have dived right in. There is a very small learning curve. It is 64bit and tightly tied into Photoshop and After Effects. With a slightly different interface, it is what I have hoped FCP would have become.

I don’t blame Apple in moving FCPX to the masses, but I have seen the writing on the wall. Adobe has to listen to it’s professional users. There is a bit more pressure on it’s developers to make the program constantly improve. Apple has turned into the land of iphones and ipads and iapps. In a couple of months time, I will not have a second thought for Final Cut….Hello Adobe!