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June 10, 2011

Mic Shoot-out

I had a chance to do a quick and dirty shoot out of some mics I own.
The mics are:

  • Sanken Cs3e
  • Oktava MK012
  • EV RE50 Handheld
  • Countryman EMW Wired Lav
  • Sanken Cos11 Wireless Lav
  • Stock Lav mic for a Sennheiser G2 Wireless

I fed the mics into a Tascam DR100 recorder and simultaneously sent the feed out of the headphone into the Canon T2i mic input. I was running Magic Lantern for the camera with AGC turned off. No EQ or processing.

I was a little shocked at the results. I was surprised on how good the audio sounded being recorded into the camera. I can hear very little difference between the camera audio and the Tascam.

The Sanken Cs3 sounded pretty good. I played around later with some EQ and it sounded great. Very full and natural. It was also the loudest mic.

The Oktava was impressive for such a cheap mic. A little wooly, but very usable.

The EV RE20 was a little tinny and harsh compared to the booms, but with past experience, it sounds pretty good in a noisy interview environment.

The Countryman were the worst sounding mics I own and will be up for sale soon. the difference was fairly dramatic.

The Sanken Cos11 sounded a little thin compared to the boom mics, but definitely very usable.

The stock Sennheiser mic sounded pretty good for having such a bum rap. I would not hesitate to use it.