Lightbulb Moment

I have a new music video that I am producing for a guy. We are shooting this guerrilla style. Very low-key and trying not to draw too much attention to ourselves. Lot’s of public spaces and on the Dart train. I am using my Canon T2i and a small travel tripod. So far so good, but what about sound and syncing. I have been racking my brain.

What I have done in the past has been to use a jambox and record into the camera using the built in mic. I have an Ipod that I have different sections of the song on that I feed into the jambox. I then replace the audio with the real song and everything sounds great. It works, but is a pain to take to different locations. Camera, bag, tripod, jambox–starts to be a bunch of items to keep track of.

Wouldn’t it be great to just send the signal from the Ipod straight into my camera. That seems to be the answer. I can split the feed from the headphone out of the Ipod and run a wire to headphones for Marlin and feed the camera for sync. I’ve incorporated headphones into the video as a prop. I then started thinking. how can I get rid of the cable to my camera. What a pain to be tethered to the Ipod.

I must say, I am pretty proud of myself for this one. I have a Sennheiser wireless set up. It is a lav mic hooked into a transmitter and a receiver with a locking connector xlr out. The input and output is a 1/8th inch jack. I have a headphone splitter on the Ipod running a headphone out to Marlin. The other side is fed the 1/8th inch jack to the Sennheiser wireless transmitter. That will be hidden on Marlin. The signal will be fed wireless to the reciever that’s mounted on the hotshoe connector feeding the mic in of my camera. And for the good news….IT WORKED!!!

Camera with Sennheiser G2 Reciever

Ipod with Splitter and G2 Transmitter

Sound quality is actually pretty decent. Much better quality than just using the built in camera mic. Will make syncing that much easier. The only drawback in my testing is that the signal is a mono signal and is recorded to the left side of the stereo field. All in all, not that big of deal.

I will post the finished video and do a follow up in a couple of weeks.


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