Canon T2i

For those of who who don’t know, I love filming, video, and all things techy. I have a very nice HD camera. It’s a Sony EX1. It has a great picture, tons of features, and is a larger camera. There is a new crop of cameras out that are giving the big beasts a run for their money. They are digital dsl still picture cameras or HDSLR for short. Canon makes the most popular, with Panasonic and Nikon also releasing models.

I ended up buying a Canon T2i. It’s the cheapest of the Canon models. It has the exact same sensor and picture as the more expensive 7D and 60D.  It is an extremely cool little camera. Little being the key word. It is small, lightweight, easy to carry around and takes incredible video. I do notice a difference in video quality between this and my Sony, but it is very close.

One of the really great things about these new crop of cameras is that it can give you a really small depth of field. In the most general terms possible,  it gives a very cinema look to the footage. The background can be out of focus with the foreground.

Her hand is in focus, but her head is not.

So far, I have mainly used this camera for video. I have done a little photography, but I like the Nikon D300 better for stills. It could be me, but i find that the Nikon has a truer image and I like the skin tones better.

Must haves for this camera….
I have the Zacuto Z Finder. It is attached to the monitor on the back of the camera….ala…top picture. It basically adds a magnified viewfinder to the camera that really helps with focusing. I also bought a Transcend 32 gig SD card. It was $50 and I have 2hours of recording time. Lastly, getting the 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 lens is critical. That one lens just opens up all the possibilities with the camera.

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